The world of cryptocurrencies has witnessed a spectacular expansion over the past decade,
opening the way for a multitude of new digital assets.
In this era of innovation, we are proud to introduce $Shibaqua.
With a passionate community at its core, Shibaqua is not just a digital currency but a movement.
No Excuses
Memes & Dreams
100% Community Owned
We've never stopped building.
Our community is always producing &
sharing great memes and having a
good time! We're here for the long-term
and trying to push to something
incredible throught the power of community.
Shibaqua is run by the community. We have
no dev or marketing wallets and
launched this token stealth from 10bnb.
$Shibaqua Token
Token name
Initial liquidity
10 BNB
Binance smart chain
How to buy $Shibaqua?
Shibaqua can be easily purchased on Pancakeswap.
In order to purchase Shibaqua token you will need to have a balance of bnb on the bnb chain.
We have create step by step instructions bellow to help you get your $SHIB.
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Download metamask or
your wallet of choice
from the app store
or google play store
for free. Desktop users,
download the google
chrome extension
by going to
Have BNB in your wallet
to switch to $SHIBA.
If you don’t have any BNB,
you can buy directly on
metamask, transfer from
another wallet,
or buy on another
exchange and send it
to your wallet.
Connect to pancakeswap.
Go to pancakeswap
in google chrome
or on the
browser inside your
metamask app. Connect
your wallet, paste the
$SHIBA adress into pancake
select Shibaqua, approve
then confirm
Switch $BNB for $SHIBA.
We have zero taxes so
you don’t need to worry
about buying with a
specific slippage, altough
you may to use slippage
during times of
market volatility.
$Shibaqua Map
Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
- Social Media Launch
- Website Launch
- Building Community
- Ads & TG Marketing
- Smart Contract deployment
- Whitepaper Release
- Coinsniper,
- Listing
Twitter & TG Marketing
- Fairlaunch
- Liquidity Lock
- Massive Ads
- Agressive Marketing
Phase 4
Phase 5
Phase 6
- CMC Listing
- Dextools Listing
- 1k Holders
- CG Listing
- Billboard & mainstream promotion
- Celebrities & Influencer Shoutouts
- 3k Holders
- Develop NFT Collection
Shibaqua will adapt accordingly
to market incentives and
community requirements to further
fuel and develop the project.
© Copyright 2023 Shibaqua - All Rights Reserved.
Shibaqua is not an investment and created as a meme parody like Shiba Inu. Shibaqua makes no promises and is not responsible for any losses or errors use at your own risk.
$Shibaqua chart here